instant gramming

January 31, 2012

Ellie presents: Air guitar

While listening to ArchEnemy


Windy, 58-degree high on the last day of January means quick visit to the park. Ellie must have forgotten how much she likes swings cause she couldn't stop giggling. Poor Emmie was trying to enjoy her first real swing despite the cold gusts

Double-decker (tutu)

January 27, 2012

Thumbs up

Finally aced the super important skill of giving the "good job, I'm totally stoked" thumbs up universal symbol.. also, we drew on our chins with blue dry erase crayons

January 24, 2012

Film: Riding The Long White Cloud

I'm in the middle of watching the coolest series of videos and it's blowing my mind. A bicycle tour of professional skateboarders across New Zealand: "Riding the Long White Cloud." I heard mention of this a while back, never had cable to catch it on TV, and recently thought to look into it. Well the film is viewable in a 5 part series (at Unfortunately our internet is pretty slow, so I've been struggling to get through the first couple of videos, but my excitement has helped me be patient. I don't usually have enough time to watch for more than a few minutes anyway. This whole concept is a dream to me and I'm in awe of the whole project.

It has inspired me to look deeper into realizing a goal I have merely considered in the past: biking across Ohio. Cincy to Cleveland; or, perhaps, Cleveland to Cincy. Whichever. Both. Not sure what is realistic in terms of how soon, not to mention how to prepare; to train. Maybe a solo trip (that is, if I can't convince C to get a good bike suitable for the trip!)... not sure. I'm thinking this is a couple years down the road, but maybe now is time to start planning.

I really think you, whoever you are, should watch at least one of these videos. Maybe it will inspire you, too.

Riding the Long White Cloud Part 1 from predatory bird on Vimeo.

January 23, 2012

Princess tent

Emmie apparently loves this thing. Life has gotten a lot easier since she started balancing in this sitting position. And she wants to eat everything

January 20, 2012

Portrait of a sick baby

I swear she woke up just to attempt the "Disco Roll" (Jack Black's Dancey Dance), while still laying down

January 15, 2012


Here is my contribution (with the help of wiring genious Gary Love): a ceiling light in the babies' room. This is my ghetto quick-fix until we pick out a rad ceiling light/fan


C took the initiative to bust out this rad built-"on" bookcase, with the help, oversight, and dismay of Gary. C's motivation was fueled by her desire to prove to everyone that she could do it fast and well. And it's coming along buttery smooth. Eventually we'll slap a couple coats of white paint, and there will be shelves added. Big ups to my wifey. More pics to come

January 9, 2012

I crack up

...when I find stuff like this (Emmie's dried spit up) at night.

6 months

This girl hates green beans. And she turned 6 months old yesterday. Woop! There it is.

January 6, 2012

Fun with Aldy

A few of Ellie's animals (a dog, hippo, and polar bear) saying hi to Alden before bed

Folding laundry

She took over this chore as soon as she saw me folding clothes at the bottom of the steps. Helping consisted of taking all the clothes out of the hamper, piling them on a step, then taking that pile and putting all clothes back to the hamper. This happened about 15 times. Too much energy for a sick kid.