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August 23, 2013

MYOG: Make Your Own Gear

I've always been glad that we have a sewing machine but never have the motivation (or supplies) to make the things I want to make. Lately I've been interested in upping the cargo-carrying capacity of my bike by acquiring some rad bags that fit within the main triangle of frame (a "frame bag"), and along the top tube. Unfortunately a frame bag needs to be more or less custom, and professional models start around $130. Some internet searching revealed how simple it can be to make your own frame bag, so I am diving in to these new D.I.Y. waters.

I found some really detailed instructions and inspiration from the following resources:

I would really like to use some ultra-light and super-strong techy fabric called X-Pac, but it is expensive; so I've settled on a a coated (waterproof) ripstop fabric. You can see my purchase list below, from a company called  Supposedly I will only need 1/2 a yard of fabric to make a simple frame bag, so I ordered over twice that to account for mess-ups, or hopefully some smaller accessory bags.

With the shipping estimate ($18?!), I am spending about $60, which will potentially provide me with 2 frame bags and more. I'm waiting on the stuff to arrive and will try to update after I get started.