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February 29, 2012

Warm walk on a fake day

Feb 29 - the fake extra day - provided some 70+ degree weather and a chance to take the girls on a walk.

February 24, 2012

Yeah We Did: Daddy-Daughter Dance

Uncle Terry invited us to come to this year's annual Daddy-Daughter dance at his place of employment. What follows is my photographic essay of the evening. It was a fun time, and while it might not have made a lot of sense to a 22 month old toddler, I think she had a fun time and would gladly do it again every night.

First thing: get fueled up with sherbet punch
Next: stuff that cake in as fast as possible in case Dad tries to get some
Obviously everyone is playing a game called "Jump on the moving lights" and I am awesome at it


Take a break for some Arts & Crafts. Bedazzle the Hell out of this frame.

Music stopped and Dad is trying to make me leave. WTF

February 21, 2012

Ellie made it.

In one piece. This is only the twentieth time she did this and said this exact thing with the same amount of pride. I, too, am pretty proud of her independence, despite the fact that such stubbornness is responsible for many bumps, bruises, scrapes, and tear shedding moments-each and every one breaking my heart just a little more. It seems, however, that she's getting even just slightly more coordinated and maybe those boo-boos will be fewer and farther between as she becomes more adroit in her growing self-awareness.

ellie_stairs_accomplishment from d strong on Vimeo.

February 18, 2012


Our friend alerted us to this event called "PBJ & Jazz" downtown this morning at the Lincoln Theater. The premise is a jazz band plays for children, and the kids are served snacks of PB&J sandwiches, juice, and a cookie. New Basics Brass Band played and the scene was fairly chaotic, considering the noise level and all the people (as you can see), but I'd say it was a blast of a time and I'm super glad we enjoyed this family time. Our friends, Savannah and Sloan, were there, and we convinced Aunt Jess and cousin Finn to come, too. Lots of boogy-ing ensued and I was pretty thrilled at how Ellie was able to groove out so naturally (which involved a lot of facial movements).

Olympics bound

We finally made it to Friday night open gym at Buckeye Gymnastics. Every week we've hoped to come, El has come down with some sort of sickness. It was pretty rad, despite her timidness. She finally hung like a monkey and eventually opened up to the idea of the floor trampoline. She also did a crazy good job of taking turns (and letting everyone know what order they would be taking their turns). Awesome Friday evening activity!

February 16, 2012

Help, Woja D

Woja D (Uncle Danny) had a couple days off of work up in Cleveland so what did he do? He came to Columbus to see his nieces and nephew! It was awesome to have him around, and I actually got a few things done around the house with his help. And Ellie was a big help, too, as evidenced here, where she's doing the dishes... Aunt Jess, Uncle Mike, cousin FiFi, and Uncle "TT" came over for a pizza party at the end of the day. Good times

February 12, 2012

not sure why

somehow i must have accidentally changed a setting to show only one blog post on the main page of this here blog...
if you know how to change it back, let me know

February 11, 2012

Cold ride

Went on a ride to Starbucks to get a couple coffees. Didn't realize how cold it was when i planned to get on my bike. Luckily the ride is hardly 3 minutes each way. Yowza!