instant gramming

March 17, 2012

Year of Art: January

This year, I made the resolution, to create a piece of art every month. Here is Number One (January). Really I don't think this piece needs any explanation.

If you don't agree, well here's the short of it: this is a line from the Spanish version of the movie "Barber Shop" as uttered by Cedric The Entertainer's character--which, for a reason I can't recall, is a line that stood out to my roommate and me as we watched it in our dorm room Freshman year. Coupled with the old school tattoo imagery of a straight razor, it makes for a pretty badass painting. So there

March 9, 2012

Roadtrip: fail (and success)

So, that rockslide was the straw that broke the camel's back. We pulled a pretty badass u-turn through the grassy median and hauled it home. Stop included, we were on the road for about 8 hours. The one positive, though, is that both girls did AMAZING! They slept for a majority of the trip and were content when they were awake (with the only exception being a fussy Mimi). It was like a practice run or dress rehearsal, if you will, for the next time we need to drive somewhere 8 hours away. But I'd like to see you try to convince me to do it.


Embankment slide 5 miles ahead that closed I-75. I think that's the end of our trip folks

Roadtrip: Pit Stop #1

So far, so good, despite these three girls being as sick as sick gets. Not looking forward to telling them we are getting back in the car for several more hours...