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March 30, 2010

Feeling good, and that's not just the coffee talking

With my new work schedule, the hump of my week seems to be Monday. If I can get through my only 8 hour work day, the rest is smooth cruising. Granted, I'm saying this on Tuesday morning, after showing up late (thanks to a no-show plumber), so of course the worst seems over. I guess last Thursday was pretty rough. Oh well.

Anyway, I have warm coffee in my mug, I rode my bike, and expect to leave the office around 3:30 when the sun is out, ambient temperatures are peaking around 57-degrees Eff, and Wednesday is not yet a thought. Tonight our friend Liz is throwing C a one-on-one baby shower and my heart is warmed just at the thought of that. The nursery, thanks to our generous and awesome family, is looking like a livable situation. Oh, and my latest kale seeds have started to germinate and some were poking through the potting soil this morning!

I keep thinking of great, small things that are adding up in my life that are making me happy.

March 29, 2010

This week: full moon, fools day

This week presents a few challenges:
A full moon tomorrow which, if you are superstitious, could trigger the birth of Ms. Baby

Also, April Fool's Day on Thursday, which at the very least will mean C will call me to say she's going into labor and even if it's true I will think she's lying

March 26, 2010


Bought this fender at the local bike shop. It came recommended by the shop owner and I expect to be pleased. Apex Designs front fender, $12, installed on the rear so as to not repeat the soggy butt I was sporting yesterday whilst riding in the rain.

March 24, 2010

All good + Census?

All is well according to our doctor who was super nice and reassuring today and complemented C on her "perfect baby bump." In fact, the news was great. Even C's blood pressure measured high at first, but at the end of the appointment it was back down to normal--she was stressed about nothing! In the cervical exam, still no dilation but the doctor felt Ms. Baby's head! Say wha?!
Anyway, the 2010 Census form has been sitting on our desk at home, waiting to be filled out. The question remains: how many people will be living in our home on April 1st? Problem is, we don't know yet! I'm pretty sure it will still be 2, but can't know exactly. So, I want to get that mailed back--and let me just say, I was pretty disappointed with the Census; I thought it was going to ask cool questions like How many times do you bike each week? Do you smoke drugs? What's the craziest thing you've ever done? or What do you want your government to do for you?--but I feel like I should wait until next week.
Still no name...

March 23, 2010

T minus 3 weeks

We are well into 37 weeks and the pressure is on; mostly pressure on your mom's back and feet, but also the pressure of finding a pediatrician, looking further into daycare options, and, lastly, deciding on a name for you, Ms. Baby.
As a point of reference, in the timetable of our own pregnancy, my cousin Emily would have already given birth to her daughter Audrey by now. The pregnancy calendar we follow online says that Ms. Baby can do everything a "newborn" can and that all the extra time spent in the womb is allowing her brain to develop some awesome stuff. Pretty amazing.

I am pretty close to start packing a bag. Also, I decided today that I would go ahead and put our car seat bases in our two cars, just to be a little bit more prepared in the event of "Here we go!"

March 21, 2010


(I'm relaying this story at C's request)

Let me be the first to admit, based on the accounts told to me, I have a habit of talking in my sleep.  It's not gibberish, but coherent if not ridiculous words, strung together in sentences, and usually in response to something very real. Last night was one of those occasions. I guess my latest instances of talking in my sleep have been to "shush" anyone or thing making noise. At some point, after being awake for over an hour in the middle of the night, C coughed, and I instantly let out a prolonged "Shhhhhhhhhh." She laughed, and as I moved to reorient myself in bed, I responded "Thanks a lot for waking me up." C called me a jerk, to which I continued "No, seriously: thanks for waking me up." At this point I was partially awake, since I remember saying "No, that's not what I mean" but then go on to say something about the paint in the room, according to C.

Anyway, C keeps bringing this up, and we have been laughing about the fact I might have a lot of trouble trying to wake up for Baby Girl. I can just imagine her crying and me saying "Shhhhhhhhhh."

In other sleep news, C has been consistently waking up at 3am and staying awake until around 5... she has been painfully annoyed during those sleepless hours but admits she hasn't been suffering with fatigue during the day.
Weather has been amazing, recently, and we're trying to get so much stuff done, especially doing stuff outside, including walking Alden. Today on a walk we connected with a neighbor who just had a baby girl in November. I'm excited about having another young new parent on the block and hope we can get together soon.

March 19, 2010


Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.
Danny Kaye US actor & singer (1913 - 1987)
No plans this weekend, so hopefully getting some good stuff done around the house, inside and out. Hopefully coffee, skateboarding,and Einstein Bros Bagels. If you live near one you gotta try the "Rachel": pastrami, swiss cheese, coleslaw, and thousand island dressing on rye bread = perfect sandwich.

March 18, 2010

ESPN: Motorist v. Bikes Controversy

This is spreading like wildfire through cycling forums, blogs, etc. ESPN radio talk show host, Tony Kornheiser, recently directed motorists to run into cyclists on the road when reacting to new cycling lane in Washington. His argument is based on ignorance of cyclists' right to the road. Lance Armstrong has been the most vocal of protesters, eliciting a personal apology from Kornheiser and an invitation to serve as a guest on his show. Unfortunately, like in other cases like this, the damage is nearly irreparable; the best he can do is retract his statements and hopefully educate some listeners about his mistake. But what about those who heard his original statement but will never hear his apology?

The controversial words are spoken here:

(Found at Bike Jerks)

Transcript of our chat

C: i forgot to put my wedding ring on today and it feels really weird, even though i've not been wearing it at nights
me:  OMG. dudes will be hitting on you 
C:  haha, probably
me:  promising to help you raise your baby
dont go with them
C:  although at tim horton's in the bathroom one woman says "you look super great!" and then she walks out and another girl says "i love your belly"
me: really?! that's rad
C:  the "you look super great" comment was weird
like crazy doll-lady on tv show weird
me:  ha
me:  that's going on the Dad blog 

March 17, 2010


I was trying to explain to my brother yesterday how excited and anxious I am to meet our daughter. We're starting to organize her room--setting aside this space for a new person--and everyday her presence is becoming more and more realized. Lately, in just the past week, I've been trying hard to imagine holding her in my arms and connecting with her, learning her personality, absorbing everything she is. It's impossible to do right now, but I know my world will be flipped.

Yesterday I heard a sound bite in a commercial for a new show about "parenthood," and one of the characters (presumably a dad) said something super negative about having kids. It made me so mad! I wish I could remember the exact words. Maybe it had to do with giving up your personal life, or sleep, or whatever, but it was intended to be depressing. Granted, the show is fiction; part comedy; but it was something I could imagine some jaded, cynical asshole saying to scare some other expecting father, like a war story, to gain some sort of credit and back-patting. It sucked to hear because I am excited and ready for this to be the best thing ever. Is it worth hearing some bad news to expect the worst, while hoping for the best? I think it's more about attitude, shaped by optimism and love combined with a healthy mix of humor and altruism.

March 16, 2010

Baby's Delight: "Coz I'm D - J - Dad"

On Sunday, at Chipotle*, I was feeling really good (like usual, when I have a steak fajita burrito in my hands). For whatever reason I was reminded about when, in college, I got serious about buying some turntables and a mixer and learning how to scratch records. My friend Brody was a DJ and would let me goof around on his tables. (I still think I could be a pretty good mix-ologist and constantly think of songs to mash up. For example: Ludacris's "How Low (Can You Go)" with General Larry Platt's "Pants on the Ground." I know, right?)

Anyway, I asked C if she remembered when I wanted turntables. She mentioned I should get some and set them up in the basement. I agreed and instantly considered the fact that I could throw dance parties for Baby Girl; then I realized I could DJ all of her school dances and simultaneously keep watch over her and, while rapping about whatever, I could throw in some lines telling boys to keep their filthy little hands off of her. So, in Chipotle, I started rapping out loud in an old-school rap voice (a la Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight") about being DJ Dad.

So, that's the new persona I created and intend on using throughout Baby Girl's childhood, to her delight (not embarrassment, duh!).

*Side note: I'm so glad that C still likes Chipotle!

March 15, 2010


Forever is composed of nows.
Emily Dickinson US poet (1830 - 1886)
Feeling better at the start of this week. Still blowing my nose and trying to keep my throat wet, but the weekend was nice enough that I even enjoyed some coffee and a couple beers. I rode my bike this morning and plan on keeping that up every day this week, despite the fact that it was super windy and much colder than I was hoping the world would be. I can't wait to enjoy the extended daylight that Daylight Saving Time will afford us.
Baby showers are done and we're moving full steam ahead toward labor and delivery. In the meantime, trying to get organized for Baby Girl...

March 14, 2010

Gift + End of Showers

We found this in the mail today - a gift from a far away friend from college; this awesome pink skull beanie from Anitra with this note:
Congratulations on your future daughter! She will be totally awesome and badass. Best of luck! Anitra

How cool is that?!
This weekend was the second baby shower and it was great. Lots of fun to celebrate the next member to be initiated into our crazy big family, especially when you get to share that with those who will be Baby Girl's Great Grandmas and Great Great Aunts.

Today we've spent the afternoon sorting out all the stuff we received from both of our baby showers; moved the futon out of and moved a new Ikea dresser into the nursery; started a monster sized laundry load of all clothes that should fit a baby between 0 and 6 months; and packed up all the stuff that Baby Girl won't need for after then. Things around the house are starting to finally take shape and I don't feel like we're behind in any way. At the very least we can tell people that we do have space for Baby Girl.

Getting overly excited now!

March 12, 2010

36 week ultrasound + Nursery + Daycare

We went for our last ultrasound this morning and were relieved to once again hear all is well. Baby Girl is only measuring slightly ahead--an estimated 6 pounds 6 ounces--which will put her at about 8 pounds at term.  The best news is that she's low and head-down, and shouldn't be able to sneak her way into a breech position between now and whenever.

We have also been setting up some of our gear. This week, in the mail, we received two gifts from our registries: a bouncer and a travel system. I figure this has two benefits: 1) our dog Alden can get used to a new family member crowding into our space and start learning what he's not allowed to chew on; and 2) that stuff will be together and usable when we have better things to worry about.

A dresser (which will double as a changing table) is on its way, and I've decided we should get a rug and some sort of book shelf too. With that, the nursery will be nearly complete. I've been getting frustrated as people have asked increasingly if we're done with the nursery. They ask it almost rhetorically, expecting my answer to be an exasperated "Yessss! Months ago!" and give me a disgusted look when I huff out a "Nope." Plus, all the pregnant women C works with are proud to announce the completion of the nurseries in month 3. Well Eff that.

Oh yeah, and I've started into searching for infant daycare, and that sucks. Lots of responses, which is encouraging. I just wish it was more straightforward. And cheaper. I wish we could figure out some sort of trade-off system with three of four other people, to rotate stay-home days. Probably not going to happen. I never thought it would be so smart to live nearby our parents for this reason.

March 8, 2010

Soak it up

The sun is out, the snow is almost gone, and neighbors have been appearing, shaking out the stiffness of hibernation. A few days of golden warmth to get us up and about before the spring rains wash the world and loosen up the ground. It's amazing: within two almost-warm days I've seen two neighbors that I didn't see all winter.

Other than preparing for the arrival of Baby Girl, my mind is focused on starting some seeds and cleaning up the yard. Maybe getting some mulch. So much to do!

I might wear shorts tomorrow just "because." The sun is lifting our moods and will hopefully help us kick the proverbial It into high gear.

March 7, 2010

March Showers Bring April Babies

Like I said in the last post, this weekend was the first of two baby showers. While I had very little to do with the happenings and can't be too sure what went down, I was able to show up before the guests had departed to thank them for the mountain of gifts that were piled in the corner. Lots of great people, smiles, food, and gifts.

One of the stand out gifts of the shower was a quilt made by C's Nanny (grandma). I've been so excited since I found out Baby Girl was going to get a Nanny quilt, since this will be the closest I'll be to getting one of my own. It's awesome. C has one too and it's just as great.

Another stand out gift was a wrap that is to be used like a sling to hold a baby in a multitude of positions. It's super hippie style. I even got to try it out with our cousin's 5 month old baby girl. Fortunately I have a few more weeks to practice with puppy Alden.

Anyway, it was a fun weekend, hanging out with family. After getting back to our town, we exploded into our house and realized we (currently) have no place to put any one thing we got. Crap!

March 4, 2010

Qualities of Happiness

Love - better than being loved is loving somebody
Optimism - "the more painful the event, the more profound the lesson"
Spirituality - go beyond the boundaries of your own life
Freedom (of Choice)
Proactivity - "don’t wait for events or other people to make [you] happy"
Humor - a "shift of perception"

March 1, 2010

March is here! (a.k.a. 34 weeks) (a.k.a. T-minus-6 weeks!)

I can't believe we are at 34 weeks already. The uncertain amount of time left is presumed to be an even month-and-a-half and we're starting to bite our nails. The suspense is getting heavy. At my job, I've got a project looming over my head which promises to take me out of town for three three-day trips. We haven't "won" the job yet and the more I think about it, the more I get sick thinking about being so far from home and C going into labor. Anyway, I'm trying to be optimistic that luck will guide us through this month. I mean, I have two four-leaf clovers that I've been saving for some time now and figured I could cash one in for March in the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day. Sure, I can't be too certain that I have any Irish blood in me, but I suspect that in this case "it's the thought that counts."

I feel like as soon as April 1st hits, our baby will be on its way, arriving any minute thereon.

Meanwhile, I'm looking into other career options and wish that looked a little brighter. It seems like there are only a few doors available to me, and most of them lead back to school. Dammit!
In other news, we picked up and assembled our crib this weekend! Woohoo! We also added a few more splashes of paint to the nursery.

Also, we're preparing for the first of TWO baby showers which will be this weekend and next.