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June 30, 2008

Weekend end

I had a particularly good weekend this Friday, my co-worker Kashmira brought me a tub full of beautiful bright orange day-lilies to transplant to my yard. As soon as I got home from work, I plugged them in our front yard around the eyesore we call a gas line. Saturday, C and I were up by 6:30 a.m. Can't remember much of what we did, but the day seemed to go by pretty slow... Sometime that afternoon, I bought a brand new wheelset for my bike off a guy for an unbelievable price (in my novice opinion)-- apparently this guy, who is the manager of a nearby bike shop, bought a complete bike, and replaced the wheels with his own custom set. The wheels are unused, and outfitted with tubes and tires. What's more, for those of you who care, the rear wheel came with a flip-flop hub and a freewheel. At some point in the afternoon, I think C and I went to the gym and worked out a bit. We also had a really pleasant dinner at Westerville's Uptown Market Bistro... and maybe it's worth mentioning that C found that one of our zucchini plants produced a monster zucch, compared to the other fruits it's been putting out. By Sunday, the new day-lilies were putting our brilliant new blossoms adding a terrific display of firework-like color to our front yard of solid green foliage. I bought a new bike chain and tool and successfully finished the conversion of my bike to a single speed. C and I biked a long way to get some good food at the "good Skyline" and went swimming at the Community Center (and my wheel and new chain stayed on the entire trip!). Later in the day, C made some perfect-as-usual pizza and we took Aldy downtown to check out Comfest and a local band called Pirate. While we were there I got a really great compliment ("Niiiice kicks") on my new shoes (an early birtday present from C). We hung out with J and Bella, then came home to eat some more good pizza and homemade smoothies... Fortunately this work week is a short one, due to the holiday weekend, so hopefully we can make our next mini-vacation even better than the last.

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  1. Davey! Your bike looks so nice. I have still been using the White Myata I had at y'alls wedding. Is the bike a lot lighter now being a one speed? Also - does Carlyn make her own crust? If so - do you think she could give me a recipe? Miss you! -b