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February 5, 2009

Saves the Day - Through Being Cool

Great GREAT album.
"Best song?" you ask.
"You Vandal" I reply without hesitation.
(Crap, then I remember "Do You Know What I Love The Most")
If anyone has this album, please send me a copy. I lost mine a long time ago

Through Being Cool on IMEEM

You Vandal:
Last night I dreamt you called from Costa Rica
The place you've been for the last two weeks
You said, "I miss you, oh sweet boy," and "Will you come on down?"
I woke up to my cold sheets and the smell of New Jersey
When do I get to wake up to you?
Today I can't forget that I've got these open wounds
It's such a drag
I can't forget you've gone
My ribs have parted ways
They said, "We're not going to protect this heart you have."
Oh no, what can I do?
My lungs are breathing open air
And my spleen is dripping from my pants
You've left me here in the cold
And I miss you
You never told me it would be this hard
I think my body's saying so
When you're not here, it's leaving me
But I hope that you're o.k.
Even though I'm dying
I hope that you're still trying to have a killer time
Go see the volcanoes
Go see the rainforests
I'll be fine by myself
I'll be fine without these bones.

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