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April 6, 2009

Chaos + Backyard Farming

I have a lot of work to do, but wanted to jot (jought?) some stuff down.

- C is an amazing cook and excels at Italian food. And cookies.
- Chocolate soy milk is freaking wonderful.
- Got a lot of work done in the garden this weekend - back breaking work including breaking up lawn, removing grass (sod?), dividing and moving plants, laying nearly 2 cubic yards of mulch, and making it look BOMB
- Hung out with family yesterday, including a dirt-loving toddler

- I am sort-of involved with a pilot program about sustainable living which involves reading a guide book and doing some activities. Long-explanation omitted, there was a brief section about food. One important point the authors made was about the importance of eating food that looks like food. For example: an apple/orange (fruit), rice (grain), lettuce (veggies)... The more your food looks less like it did when it was born, it's probably not as good for you (relatively speaking)... Interesting thought.

- I've got sugar snap peas and lettuce popping out of the ground--we're supposed to get frost tonight here in Ohio. Meanwhile, I REALLY need to start my basil, cilantro, swiss chard, and parsley inside immediately - hopefully tonight. We're losing time! For anyone interested in starting plants indoors, I've found that putting my flat (which includes a clear plastic top) at a south-facing window is working well. The table it sits on is over a heat register and on cold days & nights, the warmth is probably helping it stay at or above 60 degrees (65-70 is optimal)

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