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June 5, 2009

Movies, garden

Watched "He's Just Not That Into You" last night. It was cute, and cool to see an "all-star" cast like that. Less of a movie, more of a public service announcement, but they were able to spin a few feel-good plots out. Not sure how it may have compared to any of the books of the same title. I guess there were some take home messages: dating sucks because most people suck...err, are inconsiderate and self-centered; Ben Affleck is dreamy, but not as dreamy as I; I am not too dreamy and wish I was both more creative and assertive...

It was leagues better than "New In Town."

Big ups to Red Box and $1.09 DVD rentals. I've definitely been enjoying hanging with C (and Alden) on the couch for a couple hours in front of a movie--something we never really did much before dollar rentals. And honestly, it's better than watching TV which can be pretty redundant if not pointless, especially with all the same commercials.
Lots of (not-sweet) strawberries coming out of the garden, starting last week. Also, sugar snap peas are about full on. Unfortunately they have grown about 1.5' beyond the crappy trellises I built and are starting to completely bend over--not the plants, the trellises. Lettuce is super happy. Spinach is spent and going to seed. Tomatoes are getting huge, and so are all three squash plants. My jalapeno pepper is slowly getting established. Chamomile is starting to take off also.

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