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June 9, 2010

Start a Riot

Found this quote which was recently posted up by a good friend, B-Lee:

There’s a whole girl culture that exists when you’re little. There girls have their own scene. And it always gets totally fucked up when girls start dating boys. Like two of them like the same guy. Or they just start dating guys and that becomes their life. Then they get married and that’s traditionally how women get into these situations where they are totally separated from each other in these domestic spheres. What we want to say is, "No, that’s not happening to us. This is girl culture and these are our rituals."
– Tobi Vail, of Bikini Kill

This was extracted from an article on Riot Grrrls. The article (which is essentially about fashion) is irrelevant here. It did re-ignite this thought that keeps occurring to me which is how can I connect with my daughter as she grows up, and help her foster a sense of confidence, self-esteem, self-empowerment, and expose her to punk thought and ethics, and maybe even Riot Grrrl philosophy? As a man, it's a paradox. I feel like I should work on writing a book about feminism for fathers, mostly just to get myself to learn about it. Anyway, this is where I hope I might be able to lean on the women (womyn?) I grew up with to help impart these alternative philosophies to Ellise (A!!ison? B-Lee? etc, etc.). This is unfamiliar territory, on which I tread with much trepidation. Is it possible to overcome the inherent conflict and help "guide" my daughter on a path of feminism?

Looking for a lot of advice here...

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