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November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving #1

We just wrapped up our first Thanksgiving with Ms. Ellise and while being out-of-town can be a drag, it was great to share stories with other new parents (and veteran parents alike) and play with new bambinos, centered around copious amounts of food. Ellie is getting wilder every day and it seems like we brought home a toddler.  Apparently with age so has come Ellie's increased tolerance of loads of family members catching up on their baby-time, wanting to hold her and use loud, exaggerated baby talk in her face. I like to think that my constant obnoxiousness and invasion of her personal space is to be thanked for that.

A lot of my conversations involved me justifying why I'm quitting my job. In every instance, the information was called out with the same statement said as a question: "So, I hear you are quitting your job---?" After ending my rehearsed explanation by saying how excited I am to be at home with Ellie, trying to leave it at that, both of my grandparents described how I need to go about getting my next job. Grandpa says I need to shave my beard and get a suit; "Look the part," he says, for a career with the County or the State. Grandma directed me to take some night classes.

Past those brief examinations, I realized my other conversations were with family members with whom I've never genuinely talked. Our discussions were about our children and daycare and daddy-penises. It was a great feeling, gathering up these little stories and thoughts, talking about babies.

Ellie is becoming more expressive and communicative every day and it's amazing to watch her grow. While it seems a little sad or scary that she's growing "too fast," it is awesome to see her flourish and learn in this safe, protected world we are providing for her.

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