instant gramming

December 4, 2011


We eat an exact sh*t-ton of pizza. We used to make homemade 'za (and crust) once a week. Since having Ellie we have resorted to take-out "pies." Lately we've broken from the major, national chains and have tested nearby, regional ones in our so-called "Tour de Westerville [Pizzarias]." I keep telling myself I want to get back to making our homemade awesomeness again and today turned out to be my chance to make that challenge a reality. So here I am, posing with my Miller High Life, whippin' up some dough. Hopefully I'll make a ton of crust that will go into our freezer, and maybe even a few pizzas to freeze, too.

Good Life, GoooooooOOOOOOOO!!!!

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