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August 12, 2012

Photo Essay 1: vacation travel, first plane ride

Friday morning, 4AM: last-minute packing of babies' bed things and toys, and loading of the car in unexpected rain. I dropped of the girls at the airport terminal with the luggage and doubled back to the long-term, outdoor parking lot. I unloaded the girls' car seats and my carry-on (in the rain) and loaded them onto the shuttle. In that time I managed to lose our car keys. I travelled to the terminal to check in and quickly hurried back to find out if our car was unlocked or if our keys were on the ground to be found. Neither was the case. That was the start to our first big family vacation. Also, while waiting for our first flight at 5:30AM, Ellie was saying very frantically and audibly, "No want to get on plane! My want to go home in car!"

Fast forward to New Mexico, at the rental car plaza where we were to pick up our pre-arranged vehicle for the next eight days. Here we found ourselves with one license that had expired nearly one month ago (mine) and one that would expire within the next six days (Carlyn's). That meant we wouldn't be renting a car, and the attendant was kind enough to volunteer her opinion that we probably wouldn't be allowed to fly home on our return trip. Sweet. In a moment of panic, C convinced herself that we would be stuck homeless in New Mexico for the next two months. Not sure how she reached that conclusion, but I, too, was internally a bit panicked and considering arrangements for an immediate return to Ohio via a bus.

Long story short, all has worked out, despite inconveniences to us and moreso to those around us. The place where we settled ourselves, Los Poblanos Inn & Cultural Center was an amazing haven which afforded us what we needed to find some relaxation, comfort, and a refreshing outlook on Life.

I'm writing this from the car en route to Arizona and am pretty bummed we had to leave Los Poblanos. Though I have the hope that we'll return to that place one day again...

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