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January 14, 2008


As the days have been getting colder I've been motivated to make an effort to not drive my car when I can get to a particular place efficiently by walking, biking, running, or skating. My drive could be fueled by a combination of an increasing desire to rebel against winter (since so much time this season is spent indoors) and live up to a New Year's Resolution I've unofficially set for myself (that is: drive less). I can't take all the credit: C and I have both decided to make a concerted effort to car-less-ly transport ourselves to places nearby. Within 2 miles of our house you'll find: 4 grocery stores, the recreation center, 2 hardware stores, 3 coffee shops, a public library (with a Starbucks in it), 2 bike shops, 2 tattoo parlors, a high school track, a skate park, a skate shop, a shoe repair shop, a post office, [a college campus], a farmers' market, numerous parks, and myriad restaurants, including 2 Paneras, 2 Chipotles, a Graeters, and the best Chinese restaurant in the Western Hemisphere, Lucky House.

C has been a huge inspiration to exercise...regularly? How about, "relatively frequently." For the past couple of years I've been resistant, but after she annihilated the Athens Marathon (Athens, Ohio) last spring, I realized how amazing exercise can make you feel. More specifically, it became clear to me that running is a powerful ability that I strongly admire. I will admit that I've not been interested in doing push-ups, and most days I can't muster up the desire to lift a weight. However, more and more I look forward to runs on my training schedule. In my mind I'm racing toward a goal, and at the end of the tunnel I will be rewarded. I hope I can keep this up for the rest of my life.

Running, biking, walking, skating--why should these things make me feel good? Maybe it's endorphines (possibly anandamide). I think I've been enjoying them because they are ways to realize my potential and be a responsible human and citizen, all at the same time.

C is a great teammate. I might not be excited about living room curtains and she might not be happy about watching another skate video, again. BUT we both support each other's efforts and most times we both step up to the plate, with minimal fuss, to push forward, side by side. She is teaching me a ton about myself and about relationships. I hope I'm teaching her some good stuff too.

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