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March 10, 2009

the getaway

Back in town after a traveling to Portland Oregon to inspect not only the condition of hillside farmsteads but also to review the burgeoning DIY fireside performance art scene as well as the various coffees offered throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Highlights? Yes, please:
- nolan, chris, and brooke's amazing house at the Wealth Underground Farm replete with natural wood, greenhouse, wood-burning stove, and a castle full of baby chicks
- hiking in the back yard
- "arts night" which brought lots of people, music, dancing, and wine
- the elk offering
- nap time
- pancakes by Tasha and siphon-brewed coffee from the courier coffee roaster kids
- Half & Half coffee shop, the zine library, Powell Books
- SUSHI TRAIN! & Voodoo Doughnuts
- breakfast at Cafe Pallino with Billy
- lots of pictures

- traveling from west to east and losing three hours
- "the delicious"

Nolan sent me a link to a blog he is starting for the farm: The Wealth Underground. Check it out; hopefully we'll be seeing lots of updates from the whole crew, related to the farm, and all other creative endeavors.

Big thanks to Chris and Nolan for being good hosts as always, and also to their roommate Brooke, who reaches an equal level of awesomeness. All told, this crew is certified 110% GOOD FOLK

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