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March 6, 2009

Good Folk: A night with friends

This post is three long days overdue.

I believe it was Tuesday morning when my friend John Scott phoned me about the possibility of scheduling a visit to Columbus from Cincinnati before heading back to Colorado. I knew I'd really enjoy the visit, but as I always feel a tinge of guilt for the major inconvenience that is caused a guest by traveling two or more hours, I told him not to worry about it, that I appreciated the offer of a visit, and that I would hope to catch up with him soon. Not long after, he sent a text asking if he could come up that night. After giving C a heads-up, I wrote to tell him it was a great idea and was excited to see him. Also, we decided we should invite over a mutual friend from high school that was living across town but whom I hadn't seen in more years than I've lived here.

John arrived not long after I was off work. We quickly decided that John would hook it up with an enchilada recipe and went to the grocery for ingredients and beer. We were home long enough to unpack the bags and crack some beers when Sarah arrived. The rest of the night was spent helping John (the enchilada maestro) cook, drinking, talking, laughing, and playing a round of Skip-Bo. After Sarah left and C went to bed, John and I kept up the conversation. As I had work the next day, I had to peace out at some decent hour.

In the morning we had some coffee and I lingered longer than normal knowing my boss and coworker wouldn't be in the office for the day.

Anyways, John has been a friend since first grade. We grew close in middle school, and closer in high school. He is one of a few people that has been doing his own thing but stayed in touch and I know will never have trouble catching up to chill like it was yesterday. Our friendship is much deeper than I could explain here. The least I can say is John S. is good folk, for sure.

Also, I have to include Sarah O. for being awesome and coming over. She's been a good friend since middle school and has always been a sweetheart. Good folk, too, no doubt.

Word is bond. Peace and love.

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