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September 2, 2009

2 years

C and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary last night. It was pretty low key and simple, but it turned out so much nicer than I expected. We dropped Aldy the Pup off at J's house and went to a favorite Greek restaurant downtown. Dinner was really good, if not great, and peaceful as the place was surprisingly not busy. After that we walked over to visit our brother-in-law, M, who was working at a nearby restaurant, so he could get a piece of our celebration. We hung out with J and the dogs for a while longer then made it home to finish the evening watching some of our "stories" and eating ice cream. Bam. Easy does it. Two years down.

I guess I can't really say that it seems like our wedding was yesterday, but the time has gone quickly, and my love and attraction to C is as fresh as it was the first day I met her. I regret not doing more, because I really think C deserves the world, but life has been busy for us both and we were both ready to enjoy the evening despite anything.

In case you were wondering, if I were to have gotten a gift, it should have been something of cotton.

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