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January 4, 2010

Back to Work

So after practically two weeks of vacation I had to drag myself to the office to begin a super long 5-day work week. I even drove my car. Fortunately this afforded me the opportunity to shower and shave this morning which was definitely refreshing. Also, C made cheddar & bacon scones yesterday and that was a great, hearty breakfast for a cold day like today.

So I get to work and realize there's not much to do and my immediate instinct is to surf the internet. What is new and strange is my lack of desire to do that. Having had very limited access to the internet over vacation, and personally restricting my access to Ebay, has helped me realize that there isn't much on the internet that requires much of my time. Of course, adding to this blog is still great and therapeutic and I still like to attend to a few favorite blogs... Really, it's Ebay. That shit was really starting to take over and I would just cruise to find stuff. Granted I was able to find a lot of stuff that is useful (e.g. parts to build a useful bike that is now my main day-to-day transportation and soon-to-be grocery-getting tank). But I would just cruise that site at work because I had nothing better to do. Without it, I read a few blogs, then I'm done. I just can't get sucked in like Ebay does it. Haha.

Anyway, winter is in full-effect and I'm hoping I can get biking for a while longer before temperatures drop to unbearable digits. 2010 is finally here and I feel the need to pick up speed on preparing for Baby Girl's arrival. We found a crib we like, and maybe a dresser. Add a comfy chair (<--this will be a challenge), an overhead lamp, new curtains, a rug, and some wall art and--BAM!--we're done.

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