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January 19, 2010

Bike bowling

The fact that daytime temperatures have been getting near 40-degrees "Eff" during the past few days has been great. But snow melt, mostly cloudy days, and below-freezing nighttime temps equal the thinnest black ice on blacktop bike paths in the morning. Yesterday I did well to keep upright. Today, not so much. Knowing it was slippery, I went slow and tried hard to brace myself during every bump, curve, and slope. One particular curved slope--halfway to my office--was too much and I slid out like the last time--but without a wooden bollard to halt the slide and cushy pillow of snow on which to fall. So my exaggerated version of the story is that I slid 5 feet, my bike slid 10 feet, and my (thankfully, empty) coffee mug made it to 15 feet. Truth be told, my coffee mug probably didn't go farther, but it did go in the opposite direction of my bike. After checking for torn clothing and skin--none, check!--I stood up on what felt like an ice-skating rink. My decision was to ride on grass until I could get to the next road, curse out loud a little bit, then take the non-slippery backroads to the nearest coffee shop.

I was hoping the day would warm up to 38-degrees as promised, but the hourly forecast shows a discouraging 32-degree plateau from here on  through sun-down. Sweet.

In other news, today is "Thai Tuesday" and we're trying the new Thai restaurant that opened down the street.... Dopeness

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