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April 19, 2010

Great Monday

Things are amazing. I was planning on going back to work, but with the support of my boss, I'm taking more time off this week. Just in time, too, as Ellie has become more interested in the "witching hours" between 11pm and 4am. So, nights have been a little rough--but nothing that can't be remedied by a couple large cups of home-brewed coffee.

It's a beautiful day wherein I'm planning on giving Alden a bath, planting the rest of my seedlings, sowing some other seeds, showering, shaving, and writing/addressing/mailing the birth announcements we're expecting to be delivered today. So far, Ellie received her first piece of mail (her Social Security card!) and I received a free pair of shoes; plus I am uploading a video of Ellie waking up on Day 4 of her life. It's 2 minutes and 22 seconds of pure Adorable.

I feel so busy! But it's all good stuff, including a majority of staring at a beautiful sleeping baby.

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