instant gramming

April 26, 2010


It's day 19 of "100 Days of Ellie" and, while I was able to give her a kiss goodbye this morning, I am now in a land, far, far away, stuck in the buisness center of a Holiday Inn, with a churning stomach, aching over pictures of my baby from the past 18. Trying to make the best of being out of town, but I was furious when I was put on the spot just a couple days ago, to say yes to going on this trip.

Anyway, I feel terrible to be away, leaving the burden on C and my mom who has more generosity than you could ever imagine and who called off work and left town to spend the night at our house and help relieve C of all the responsibility...

This sucks. More Ellie to come soon

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  1. David, My heart aches for you. Do your best while you are away from the ones you love the most so that the time away is not completely in vain. The time will pass, and you will hold and kiss both of them soon, and it will be sooo sweet. You are the best I could ever ask for my daughter.