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February 14, 2011

(Part time) JOB!

So I've been sitting on this for a week now and got confirmation today: I got a part time job as a bike mechanic at a shop down the street. Woo! Literally about 0.2 miles away. A few hours a week, every other weekend. My first thought is, "Awesome, it's become a dream of mine to work at a bike shop!" (It satisfies my desire for more social interaction while also promising to fulfill my obsessive bike-fix.)  My second thought is, "...and I can bring home a little bit of money to supplement our income!" (Thereby feeling good that I was doing even more to help our family.)

My third thought, which sort of trumps the others, is "But is this going to be a stress on C and/or Ellie, trying to schedule time away from home and not be worth it overall? Is C going to hate whatever our new schedule works out to be?" (This is partly a selfish endeavor that pays little and will require I work some weekends and possibly some evening hours.)

Well, we'll see. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out and life goes on. I've been imagining this to be the skate-shop job I never had, where I am surrounded by bikes and get to talk about bikes and geek out about bike stuff at the shop with people who care about bikes, instead of my poor family who has to listen to me talking about bottom bracket spindles and chainlines and so forth. Plus, employee discounts, group rides, and the like... I'm having trouble imagining it sucking. That is, unless it doesn't work out with the fam. That will always be a deal breaker.

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