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March 2, 2011

Thanks for checking in

The world is spinning, so madly. Today was a rush. Lots of little errands and things that were orchestrated so perfectly. It is a sunny afternoon, C is home from work, and as I type this my nose hovers over a steaming hot cup of Starbucks. I got a new shirt for 3 bucks; Ellie got new jeggings--Yes, "jeggings"--and our car is finally getting the attention (read: maintenance) it deserves. It seems like the stars are aligning. Also, I start my new job this weekend! I am beyond excited to work at a bike shop. It's very possible I will suck at my new position as a mechanic, but only time will tell. I am halfway done with taxes. Did I mention that I am drinking coffee?

I've been obsessively reading articles and watching videos about bike repair and getting excited about all the fun outdoor things that warm weather will be bringing. I still haven't done anything about preparing our gardens for the year, but figure that will fall into place within the next two months.

Anyway, thanks for checking in on this blog. Ellie is huge and walking all over and babbling and her teeth are making her miserable but all is well and maybe I'll finally upload photos and videos soon! Stay tuned, but as always don't hold your breath.

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  1. love checking in and finding a new post! you, carlyn and ellie are AWESOME, and i love the way you write about your lives!