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April 12, 2012

Babybiggirlprincessladywomanadultchild (All Grown Up)

This girl just turned 2.

I've been meaning to get this update out to the interweb for almost a week now and I found my golden opportunity. Ellie is 2. She can even tell you. It's nuts. Her party was a smashing success, to say the least. I have said it before and I'll mention it here: all credit is due to Carlyn. I did well enough to offer my help and provide good company. I was able to do a few things that aided in the festivities, but really it was all C that made the party what it was. Lots of family, lots of food, lots of sweets, lots of flowers, and (thankfully) lots of sunshine.
Soon I will upload a pretty poor quality camera-phone video of Ellie doing a pretty intense silly dance during today's pre-nap dance party.

A 2 year old is quite skillful with a pair of scissors.

Birthday Sundae on Sunday

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