instant gramming

April 30, 2012

Did it

This is today's accomplishment, I'm calling it a skywalk. Shit is cray. At least 9 feet up directly over the stream. I may or may not have freaked on the first attempt, pulling the rear brake which initiated a skid, sending me over a 2 foot drop. I walked it once, rode it once with a foot trailing the ground, then finally said "'Ef it, breh," and did it. I also completed the lap in my best time yet (~46min) and didn't ever feel like puking or dying. And that time includes that thar pussyfootin' on that skywalk, and getting tossed over the handlebars at another section.

We're supposed to get storms tonight and through the week, so I'm super indebted to C (and the babies) for letting me run off to the trail to ride

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