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May 18, 2012


That last post was supposed to be called "Getting out" but my smart phone is sometimes moron phone and stopped working. I wanted to write about how the nice weather has been, allowing us to get out of the house. Even small things like being able to take Ellie or Emery outside while the other sister is sleeping is a huge relief that I couldn't choose in Winter. No plans for a given day equals a trip to the park, or if naps time out properly and I devise a good strategy, the zoo. I've been so excited about the girls getting older that I jumped at the opportunity to buy a child-haulin' bike trailer (even though Emmie hasn't quite reached that recommended 1-year-old minimum yet). Soon we'll get the family rolling together--what has been merely a dream until about now. Despite my anxiousness, I'm holding out on a trip with Em until we get her a helmet and she gets just a little closer to that one year mark. Maybe I can hold out until June. Or not. The addition of yet another giant thing to be stored in the garage provoked me to spend a few days overhauling our organization of that space. Lots of stuff got hauled to the curb, moved around, and or given a new purpose. Soon I'll try to take a good picture of the result, but for now I'll just say aside from making things tidy I created a pretty dope little bike shop in the corner complete with bikes hanging vertically on the wall and a spot for tools to hang within reach of the bike stand.

Either way, our strawberries are ripe as of yesterday and they taste great. They may very well herald the official start of Summer. Let's get this party started

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