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May 23, 2012

Mountain Bikes, Empowering Women

I've become more or less obsessed with mountain biking and I'm always thinking about when is the next time I'll get to go ride. I have a ton to learn, a ton to grow, and am anxious to keep on keepin on. What's more, the thought of introducing Carlyn to the trails is exciting--I can't be sure she would be as taken as I was on my first ride, but it's hard to believe that a ride through the woods could be anything but pure exhilaration. On top of that I'm excited to introduce the girls, El & Em, not only to bikes, but to mountain biking. My first trail ride was last year when I turned 28. What if I had been riding for the past 16-17 years or more? It's a cool thought to imagine Ellie catching air on a pump track, or Emery getting over an obstacle for the first time. I realize it's just as ridiculous for me to think this as some other dad who likes baseball imagining his baby daughter's first home run or a certain mom ::ahem:: picturing her baby daughter performing at a dance recital or gymnastics competition. At the same time, and in the same way, these dreams and hopes really boil down to confidence, empowerment, and success, beyond whatever mundane sport/hobby/activity seems to be the focus.

It's just that biking is so much cooler than baseball and dancing. Breh.

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