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February 24, 2010

More snow

Yesterday I had the day off. The glaciers have been retreating and I was starting to feel the relief--able to take a deep breath as if all the snow on the roof had been weighing down my lungs. The driveway and walkways were all clear. Dry even. I went on a bike ride in the sweltering 36-degree temperatures. Only one pair of gloves and a cycling cap instead of a beanie. Last night I took an opportunity to wash down the bike with soapy water, clean the chain, and lube it up.

This morning? Snow. Not a lot, but enough to shock me. I wasn't angry as I had enough time to shovel the driveway and paths before any footsteps or tires pressed the light fluff into dense ice trails.

Anyway, we're supposed to keep getting snow through the week. I was really done with it all. I'm ready for Spring!

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