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February 1, 2010

Nameless + aches, house

We are really struggling to come up with a name for you, Baby.

Trying to find one with a good meaning, maybe something that is derived from a family member, something that fits with our last name...

At one point we started straying from names to nouns, but hopefully soon we'll find something we just love. Even if it's a noun.


C has been feeling good, generally. Foot aches, waking up multiple times in the night, frequent need to pee, other back and joint aches... all add up to be pretty exhausting. She has to deal with a lot over the course of a day, so piles of dirty dishes, laundry, messes in the kitchen, unfinished projects around the house all seem pretty overwhelming and depressing. Lately, I've made it my first priority to make sure a dish doesn't sit in or around the sink for more than 24 hours. I especially try to get every dish done right after dinner. I think it's helping.

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