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February 10, 2010


In the face of so many changes, recent ones and those on the horizon, I'm considering giving this blog some crazy Spring Cleaning; purging out a lot of the junk I don't need, and starting on a relatively clean slate.

With less hours at work (however temporary that's supposed to be) and a baby on the way, I've been thinking a lot about our life and how this is a great opportunity to re-envision the Good Life. As this blog has been a fun way to document my days, I want to keep this form, but start fresh. I've got a lot of posts that are negative, boring, or more akin to one's Facebook status update, and otherwise irrelevant to shaping or documenting my good life.

More family, more art, more gardening, more food and recipes, more health, more photos, more videos.

Like any literal cleaning effort, you look through all your stuff, call up old memories, then come up with all the reasons why you should keep a particular thing.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a case of old cassette tapes in a closet--mostly mixes from friends--already paired down from the larger collection I used to have when I actually had a cassette tape player. A bunch of old punk and hardcore, some "emo" stuff, Nirvana Unplugged (my first tape ever), and a copy of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. These make up the soundtrack to my teenage years. I don't know what to do with them, but avoiding the trash is my priority.

What should I do with all the junk of my previous blog posts? I really do want to have a clean start. For now, my plan is to export any worthwhile posts to an archive and some old posts will remain.

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