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January 20, 2011

The art of silence

Like Zach Morris I'm going to freeze time real quick just to unload this kvetch so I can get on with the day. My life is now marked by silence. I cringe at the clank of dishes as you might a gunshot in the next room. My head spins at the clamor of a door shutting into place in the jamb.  Don't get me started on a creaking door hinge: the bane of my existence. All this because Miss Ellie is sleeping. I walk on eggshells, pee sitting down, and will mute the TV if it is on. Part of the reason is to not wake Ellie; the other reason is to hear if she wakes up. Every aberrant noise is an explosion. As you may have already realized, this is mostly overreaction but I can't shake it because it's working so well. I just can't handle noise anymore.

That is all.

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