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January 7, 2011

No Apologies

For two days this week we had the pleasure of hosting my old college roommate, Chris, who farms in Portland when he's not visiting the Midwest on vacation.  Other than a hasty late night trip to our alma mater I kept our agenda pretty basic: play with baby, feed baby, put baby to sleep. He got to live a couple days in my shoes. I made it a point to not be apologetic about it. And I'm not saying that to sound like a dick, but it's true. Oftentimes I just want to apologize when I catch myself turning a conversation topic to Ellie, or the fact that at any given dinner party, Ellie becomes the focus of attention, but I realize I don't need to do that. Chris got to see a day in my life and I think I can safely say we had a great time. I didn't go out of my way to entertain him; like any best friend, we enjoyed each other's company, and he got to have fun with Ellie. There wasn't a single hiccup in the two days we spent together. I think he appreciated the opportunity to play Uncle during his stay, though I'm pretty confident he's not so worried about having a baby anytime soon. Uncle Chris is good folk for sure. I wish we could hang out more.

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