instant gramming

March 28, 2011


Yesterday, Ellie took a pretty good face-first spill outside on the driveway. The result is a scraped up, ping-pong size bump on her forehead. Although it probably wasn't any worse than any of a few of her other falls C was justifiably worried about it, and I was too, but all signs (including a cheery-as-usual mood, toothy smiles, and properly dilating pupils) convinced me things would be okay. My plan was to make sure she would wake up multiple times during the night.

After E fell asleep in her crib, my attention turned to the TV, per usual. At the same time 60 Minutes was airing a story about a project serving wounded children from war-torn countries. Featured was a young boy (10 years old? younger?) from Iraq who stepped on a landmine which blew off one of his legs, an arm, and his left eye, while completely disfiguring his face. When they showed him going through all the reconstructive surgeries and then gave a follow-up, my eyes welled with tears.

This put my worries into perspective and grounded my concern. Granted I was still sure to keep an eye on Ellie's condition, and I chose not to write this post until today when I could be sure everything was okay.

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  1. Good story on 60 minutes. Glad to hear our little girl is doing well. I'm sure she's in for many more falls in her life. Love Jagee