instant gramming

March 13, 2011


"I hope you flip over your handlebars and knock out your two front teeth you selfish son of a bitch!" Vince Vaughn as Jeremy Grey in Wedding Crashers.

This past weekend--Saturday to be exact--C and I agreed to allow each other an hour of personal time. I was excited, the day was sunny and warm and dry and perfect for a bike ride. I suited up and enjoyed every inch of a ten mile loop I improvised.

Did I mention that earlier in the day C spent her hour frosting cookies for us? Us. Granted, she had been wanting to do that for a while, using some cool new frosting bags and a tip she just acquired, but darn. I don't feel too bad, like, I know that the bike ride was quick and a huge boost to my morale, but I hate to think that it was so selfish in the light of the things C chooses to do: making Ellie a scrapbook of her first year of life, clean the kitchen, make cookies... What the eff? I'm mostly kidding. I think she enjoys these things she does. They are outlets for her creativity and things I obviously wouldn't choose if I found the free time. I hope that fact doesn't bum her out. Does it?

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