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July 18, 2008

Birthday No. 25

Sorry for letting that last relatively negative post stink up this blog for two entire days. It's Friday, the sun is out, and I'm completely refreshed after a wonderful 25th birthday.

First off, I need to publish to the world (wide web) that my wife is the greatest, most generous person I could've fallen so deeply in love with and married, and the only with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. She has spoiled me rotten, even more than normally. She showered me with presents that I don't deserve and then organized a really wonderful night with some family and close friends to end it all right. I enjoyed a quality dinner at Cornerstone Deli, downtown, with C, J&M, Liz, and Ben, which was followed by decadent cake (made and decorated by C), candles, wishes, and The Birthday Song, all in the deli. Then we spent the evening enjoying great seats at The Crew soccer game. Also: shout out to J&M for the really great "Urban Gardener" shirt (it fits!) and my sister, Amanda, for sending me a badass lunch box made from recycled billboard vinyl! What great surprises!

Not sure what's going on this weekend, but I know it wont be work for me. Maybe a little time in the garden, some on my bike, and hopefully all of it will be with C and Alden (who just got neutered, earlier this week). Two weeks and counting 'til we get packed to go on a Galicki/Love/Ferguson-style vacation in the O-B-X, which I'm more than excited about.

Chin up

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