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July 31, 2008


Today is my last post forever. Not really--I'm going on vacation and plan on not spending any appreciable time at a computer. Instead, I'll be learning how to surf at the beach, or getting my stank-on at Uncle Pauly's. While I'm not sad about not posting for 10 or so days, I am sad to be leaving Alden in Ohio, and my bike (which is not nearly as dear to my heart as my dog).

One or two positives is that my time away from a computer will hopefully break me of my latest habit of obsessively checking Craigslist and Ebay for bikes and bike parts. It's a ridiculous phenomenon, these 24/7 auction houses available on the internet. I've seen some really great deals come and go on the computer, and it's enough to drive a greedy man insane. I need to face the fact that my "lucrative trading business" just won't get off the ground and wasn't meant to be. Anyways, I hope to return to the Midwest cured of this and many other vices.

Another positive will hopefully be the quality time spent with C, where we can talk, not about work and not while fighting with Alden to stop eating one thing then another.

Until then, enjoy the new (and temporary) background color. Soak it up like you would the penetrating radiation of the sun. Better yet, go outside (if it's daylight when you read this) and soak up the real stuff, and pretend you're at the beach.


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