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July 16, 2008

Let Downs, All Around

[This post has been slightly modified]

So, yesterday it seemed like I had been hit with a cluster bomb. Just some really "bummer" things happening all around me, with friends and family, not to mention across America. And all at once. Seriously! One day. Well, since most of it is not my business to talk about, I will write about the recent and second admonishment I received at work for my choice of office attire... I'll admit my clothes--which have for a long time been an integral part of my self-identity--are a part of my motivation to get dressed everyday and leave the house, with pride and confidence, to come sit and write a report, or to go get a sunburn in a tick-infested field of poison ivy and thorn bushes, at the same time ankle-deep in mud and constantly battling mosquitos. [I also realize that after clothes comes dictation of my hair style, etc... When does it stop?!]

With the economy in this state, I understand I don't have much wiggle room and should care to keep what is truthfully a great job. Oh well. If I didn't have this job, what would I do? I don't think I'd be hired to do anything very similar, and I'm not sure I'd care for anything that is. In that regard, I am inclined to prefer working as a bike mechanic or tattoo artist and spending more time at home growing a bigger garden. But I'll let that happen when it happens.

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