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October 17, 2008

"One good thing about music..."

"...when it hits you, you feel okay." - Bob Marley

Hey party peoples. How are you? I'm good. This week has been a busy one--hence the lack of blogging--and the next few will carry on the same way. Last Friday, during the midnight soccer game I rolled my ankle and wrecked it in a gnarly way. I blame it on the cleats I bought and had never worn. Also, I was getting pretty aggressive and playing my best game yet. Anyways, the whole team played well and we won.
At work, I've been in the field every day, wearing rubber boots with no support whatsoever, walking steep inclines and through rocky stream beds. Sucks. I have a soccer game tonight, and expect to play, but will take it all easy.
Last night, C bought a Sizzla album (reggae) and it's really making me feel good today. It's a sort of "greatest hits" album. Anyways, it's good music.

I'm not sure what it is about reggae music, but I always feel good when I'm listening to it. Whether it is slow and mellow, or up-beat ska/roots reggae, or a heavy dub mix, it fills me up. It's good to dance to, it can ease oppressive summer heat, and it can warm a Midwestern winter.

So, go find some good reggae. If you don't know where to start, I recommend Bob Marley, or Sizzla. It will make you feel good. Check out and create a Bob Marley "radio station." Actually, this is one I created: check it out.

[Brandi--I hope I don't sound like a total dork. You probably have a lot of insights about reggae. Feel free to school me on it. Say word?]

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  1. you know what is amazing? being in JA and being with Jay, the whole culture of reggae is just totally different from like the hardcore music scene - you know? i mean, i haven't met any body who is snotty about the music or thinks that someone else is a dork because they only know of one artist - or two. when i was at the shops - i didn't feel people questioning my love for the music - i was moving and that was enough. you aren't a dork dude. Sizzla is good! Jay says he is actually going to college in Manhattan and all I can think about is like bumping into him and being a dork - haha.