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October 19, 2008

Updater [updated]

1. Great soccer game on Friday. I got a lot of props from my teammates about my game, which was really uplifting.

2. Saturday C and I traveled to KY (by way of Cincinnati) to experience my grandparents' annual "weenie roast" down on the farm. The set up was perfect, the food was endless, and the best part was hanging out with family I don't often get to see. My grandpa was in high spirits, despite the cold. Two memorable things he said were: (1) "The truth is better if you lie a little bit," and (2) when asked if he wanted to go home because he was cold he said something along the lines of, "No I'm okay, I'm not cold. I'm only freezing. I'll go in when I warm up and get cold." Oh yeah, when Grandma was looking for the switch for the headlights on his golf cart and a flashlight, Grandpa said he didn't have either of those. She said, "Well you just don't have anything then." And his response was, "I have a hot wife." [Apparently my language doesn't translate precisely what he said and how he said it--I've not managed to insert the amount of "cuteness" and enthusiasm with which he talks. But you gotta believe me] What a good time. Unfortunately C and I felt like we needed to get back to Columbus, so 7 hours of our 13 hour trip were spent in cars. The good part of that was 3 of those hours were with Amanda and Andy, and I've appreciated all the time I've had to spend with those two--getting to know Andy and see what their relationship is like. He's a good guy for sure.

3. Frost last night--not sure how that will mess with some of our especially young plants (kale, lettuce, cilantro...), but it seems to be okay.

4. Getting the house clean today--that's always worth the while. A clean house is very calming.

5. Gonna go on a long walk with C and Aldy to a nearby nature preserve. The sun is out and really warm--it could be one of the last really beautiful weekends we have left. Go enjoy it. PEACE!

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