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October 10, 2008


Yesterday was a great day at work--I traveled to southern Ohio, hiking around some impressive topography surrounding a landfill to check out stream quality. Fortunately, for us, the stream beds were mostly dry, so most of our time was spent looking for salamanders and we found four species (The photo above is of a tentatively-identified Slimy salamander). Plus we returned home several hours earlier than we expected and I had the insurmountable pleasure of eating Carlyn's homemade pizzas (Greek, BBQ, and sausage).
Right now I'm getting hyped on some good coffee and music by The Promise Ring after an eye exam I had scheduled this morning. Turns out my right eye cares to wander in certain ways (upward, that is), independent of my left eye. When my brain is tired, it stops trying to control this habit and then I have fun, late-night double-vision. Or "beer-eyes" as I should call it. It's like beer-goggles, but without the goggles. When the doctor was testing this, I was cracking up.
Tonight I have a soccer game at midnight. That should be a good time--hopefully I'm not much more useless than I have been during our earlier games.
I'm looking forward to a fun filled weekend of family, football, and fund raising. (We're participating in a Walk for Autism on Sunday). Cooolness.
In other news, I just learned about an interesting amendment/add-on to the $700b "bail-out plan" that was recently passed: inclusion of the Bicycle Commuter Act. This amends Section 132(f) of the IRS code of 1986 to include “bicycles” in the definition of transportation covered by the qualified transportation fringe benefit, thereby extending commuter benefits to bicyclists. More info is found here. Not sure if this helps me out much, but I might pass this on to my boss to see if he can do anything with it--he bikes too!
I'm out

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