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May 14, 2009

Great Day

Whutup Thursday

Great day today:
Woke up to thunderstorms (we rarely ever get t-storms)
Starbucks, half decaf
Dayton, planted 100 plants, got muddy
Sunny and breezy
talked to mom, talked to dad-in-law
Drove downtown, rode bike to the "bike hop"
mostly a bust, met some nice people
hung out, drank a beer, rode bikes to a second bar, beautiful weather, drank a beer ate some food
talked to J
chipotle burrito, super spicy = sweaty face
greater's ice-cream, chocolate chocolate chip (a.k.a. double-chocolate chip)
clips of 30 Rock between Gray's Anatomy, belly full, getting tired
C says she hates life, i think she's mostly joking, but i wish i could understand why she's not happy about life

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