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May 25, 2009

Paint/Holiday Chill

This is my latest work of half-ass-ed art, but I'm a bit obsessed with it for a couple reasons: (1) this particular canvas has been serving as our makeshift baby-gate to corral the dog(s) in one room or another, so it is constantly being shifted around and always visible; (2) this painting marks the first time I've picked up a can of spray paint in a long time and it felt great. Nothing compares to painting with spray paint. It's a phenomenal medium and gives you an awesome amount of control.
So, the weekend was pretty great. Instead of filling it with tons of chores, errands, traveling, etc. we got a lot of rest. C would argue it was pretty boring and a waste of time, but I really appreciate all the mid-day napping and couch-surfing that went down. Plus, we DID get stuff done. We bought as many as twenty-one plants which are now planted in the front yard; we weeded and cleaned out helicopters from our garden beds; I removed some turf to expand another garden bed; we added a lower level to the garage work bench for additional (and essential) storage which allowed some much-needed organization; I also organized the basement a bit. The one thing I am really frustrated about is getting a pretty wicked sunburn on my back which was extra stupid considering I had applied 50SPF sunscreen to my neck, shoulders, face, and arms...twice! C and I biked a lot this weekend and I'm sure we got many other small things done, all while watching M&J's dog.

All the R&R was afforded, unfortunately, at the expense of spending time with family--which was not an easy decision to make. If we had traveled out of town, not only would our time with each relative be pretty thin, but on top of the long drive, no rest would have been had. I've got a big week at work coming up and needed some home time with C, the pup, and our impatient gardens.

Sometimes I fear that I walk a thin line between laziness/boring and "chill." I can be pretty complacent about things and am usually not too frustrated with doing nothing--as long as that nothing is restful and pleasant. I can get antsy at times, but usually don't have a problem with filling those small gaps with completing useful chores or doing something I enjoy (riding a bike, making art, etc.). I guess I mastered the art of un-organized, solo activities when I was younger (skateboarding, playing music, etc.).
Tonight, our holiday chill will include tacos, a Red Stripe, Religulous, and maybe brownies...byah!

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