instant gramming

May 22, 2009


the do it yourself culture started way before the punks. people have always loved learning how to be better in touch with their surroundings by problem solving life’s inevitable breakdowns and becoming proactive in keeping their world functioning. it is great to learn how to fix a leak in your plumbing or not have to pay some stranger to do a simple oil change on a vehicle. learning to do it yourself aids in a lifestyle where one does not have (or want) a 40 hour work week. you can learn to get by on less by having to pay fewer people to do things you can easily do yourself. it is a great thing. when we learn how to fix things, our relationship between time and money shifts and our appreciation for the great, well functioning things in our lives grows.
from the chainbreaker bike book; a rough guide to bicycle maintenance by shelley lynn jackson and ethan clark
(stolen from Get Buck)

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