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August 10, 2008

Home on the Range

We've returned from vacation and I really wish I had another week to unwind from the trip. My brain is so tired that I can't even think about writing much. Really, the middle of the week was very relaxing. Every day was spent on soaking up the sun at the pool, boogie-boarding in the ocean, napping, eating, contributing to the group's efforts toward finishing the puzzle, and drinking. I was even so relaxed I was persuaded to finally pick up a book and start reading it. [While I care to mention said book is Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent, I would also care to note I do not necessarily endorse this author due to his outstanding arrogance and pretentiousness.]

Two highlights of the trip:
1. Witnessing a massive sea turtle patrolling the shoreline, probably looking for a safe place to lay eggs.
2. Terry asking "Whatcha gon' doooo?!"

It's great to be at home with Alden who we missed so much. The garden was in shambles, and I will hopefully spend the next eight months accumulating a much better plan for our landscaping and next year's vegetables. The weather is perfect and I really don't want to return to work...

More later...


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