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August 12, 2008

A few things that would care for some attention

- In my last post, I didn't intend to suggest that the two "highlights" I provided there were the only good things that happened over my week in the OBX. I wanted them to illustrate the awesomeness and the hilarity we were fortunate to experience on vacation. What I failed to mention was that, (as I predicted) C and I were able to spend a lot of really high quality time together, one-on-one. There's nothing better than that.

- Returning to the aforementioned "highlights" of the OBX trip, I've tentatively identified the sea turtle as a Loggerhead. Out of the five species found in North Carolina, the Loggerhead is the most common. Incidentally, all five of those same species are endangered.

- I'm pretty confident I did not place in any of the top three spots of the Blue Moon art contest, nor did I receive the audience choice award... Oh well. I still get $100 which will be the most money I've received for a piece of art work yet.

- C loves the Olympics and I wish I was Mike Phelps, for her sake.

- The McCain campaign is full of douche-baggery.

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