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August 21, 2008

The Goods (Plus, "Everyday is the Worst Day")

Been thinking about employer-employee relationships, or tensions, lately, and remembered there's a band called Employer Employee. I looked them up and they are really good. Their style sums up that very tension on which I've been dwelling. I think my friend Brandi used to listen to them, no? She probably did. I can imagine her imitating a mosh pit like, making a face like she's singing, like: ----!!!! Nevermind. Ha

John McCain...I forget what I was going to say. Not sure why I feel compelled to attack his reputation and his campaign. I wouldn't hesitate to say that I've been very negative against him and I'm not too worried about it. Today I heard a sound bite of an interview with McCain in which he was asked how many homes he owned, and he declined to answer. He had to check with his staff or something. At a later time he claimed four homes, while an attack add by Obama claims seven. Supposedly McCain has four residences and other "investments." Does that matter? Not really. But it irks me.

Also, I can't figure out my bike tire and that makes me feel really stupid. And when I feel stupid, I get angry. Like, piping hot mad. Ask C. Haha

Also #2, I came home to find that Alden had eaten an entire bag of dog treats. What a jerk!

This is the most pointless entry.


I "figured out" my bike tire! Apparently my car-powered air pump just sucked and the floor pump I purchased at the local bike shop did the trick...

Also, "Everyday is the Worst Day" was C's suggestion for today's blog post. We're both exhausted from the additive effects of small problems and stupid happenings that seem to have been more frequent than usual. However, I'm sure even she will admit that we live a charmed life.

Say word?

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