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August 26, 2008

Thoughts about reading, work

Let it be known: I don't like to read. In most cases, I read slowly, and often need to re-read parts of or entire sections of the printed material, whatever it is. What's worse is even this strategy fails to result in a permanent deposit of the information in my memory bank. I quickly get bored and set the book down, possibly returning to start from the beginning at a later time. I do well with short articles and video clips. I don't believe I have a "learning disability," but feel free to leave a diagnosis in the Comments section...or perhaps an interesting fact you may have picked up in a book recently.

I do admire the person who enjoys reading and recognize that there is an endless amount of useful information and advice contained in printed pages... I'm not sure where this leaves me. Fortunately for me, our society is super-saturated with electronic media containing concise bites of information. Some of it is bunk. Take my commentary on the 2008 Presidential Elections. Most of the information I include is useless, emotionally charged opinions. That's not to say it's baseless, but it is rather useless.

So, back on topic: I hope to read something one day. I'm not sure where to start, or when. I guess I'm usually drawn to non-fiction materials (the most boring of all) as they seem to contain the most "bang for your buck," as far as "learning stuff" is concerned. I'm just not sure when I'll make time for it. I don't think I ever have a free moment. I'm either working, playing, fetching, or resting. If I get a free moment, I can find something with which I would rather fill it.

Speaking of personal behaviors, I also want to talk about work ethic. I don't care too much about the work for which I am employed. I'm not "invested" in it as much as my boss would hope. I get paid for 40 hours of work, and care to be present for only that many hours. My boss sees it differently. As I am an "exempt, salaried employee," he would have me working well over 40 hours (but never less). He has lost sight of the fact that I am invested in my home life (my wife, my dog, my house, and my hobbies) and expects me to take some stake in the company--motivation to work hard without compensation in the short term. One of these days this fact might become unavoidable, or it might change. For now, I am getting by, as they say.

Oh well. Enjoy the new blog header. The photo was taken by Jessica Love. I've also made a few other amendments, like changing colors and adding a couple links of sites I enjoy visiting.

Stay up! D

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