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August 26, 2008

Greed Life

This just in: Good Life clothing company (A.K.A. GLIFE or GEELIFE) of Montreal capitalized on the name that I wanted for my dream company name. This appears to be their mission statement:

Born out of the inner revolutionary stance of everyday street life, at GOOD LIFE aka GLIFE we strive to create art & fashion-forward collectables that reflect our dedication in defining what inspires us NOW… so we can avoid waking up one morning to the horror of having what we all love being defined for us.


Collectables? Not only is the word misspelled, but I believe the "GOOD LIFE" should have nothing to do with collecting. Investing is good. Upgrading is fine. But collecting? Don't argue semantics with me--I'm talking about hording stupid shit, keeping it in mint condition (i.e., not using it), and then expecting others to be impressed by your piles of shit. That's dumb. (At the same time, I see value in general record collecting, preservation, and maintenance of other historically relevant artifacts, so don't get it twisted.)

While I realize that all the ideals I've loaded into the term "Good Life" wouldn't ever be embodied in something material, and buying material things won't transfer the thrills and enjoyment of a Good Life to a consumer, I'm still sore that the name has been taken and abused. Of course my definition of the Good Life is meaningless to the next person, but I will continue to live as if my vision (despite its ever-changing nature) is the one and only.

If I had a company that was based on the (real) Good Life, it would have integrity. It wouldn't be cheap designs slapped on shirts. Granted, their concepts are similar to designs I've created in the past, and are akin to designs of other brands that I would care to emulate, but it's been executed in poor taste. I would hope that my company wouldn't even be primarily focused on the merchandise--it's about the message. GEELIFE's Good Life is filled with gang signs, dollar signs, and a crown that looks like the Intel Inside logo's inbred, clip-art cousin. A few collaborations with some established names and Glife is rolling.

Anyways, jealousy and envy have got my blood boiling right now.
Lesson learned? Get on it.

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