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March 14, 2010

Gift + End of Showers

We found this in the mail today - a gift from a far away friend from college; this awesome pink skull beanie from Anitra with this note:
Congratulations on your future daughter! She will be totally awesome and badass. Best of luck! Anitra

How cool is that?!
This weekend was the second baby shower and it was great. Lots of fun to celebrate the next member to be initiated into our crazy big family, especially when you get to share that with those who will be Baby Girl's Great Grandmas and Great Great Aunts.

Today we've spent the afternoon sorting out all the stuff we received from both of our baby showers; moved the futon out of and moved a new Ikea dresser into the nursery; started a monster sized laundry load of all clothes that should fit a baby between 0 and 6 months; and packed up all the stuff that Baby Girl won't need for after then. Things around the house are starting to finally take shape and I don't feel like we're behind in any way. At the very least we can tell people that we do have space for Baby Girl.

Getting overly excited now!

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