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March 30, 2010

Feeling good, and that's not just the coffee talking

With my new work schedule, the hump of my week seems to be Monday. If I can get through my only 8 hour work day, the rest is smooth cruising. Granted, I'm saying this on Tuesday morning, after showing up late (thanks to a no-show plumber), so of course the worst seems over. I guess last Thursday was pretty rough. Oh well.

Anyway, I have warm coffee in my mug, I rode my bike, and expect to leave the office around 3:30 when the sun is out, ambient temperatures are peaking around 57-degrees Eff, and Wednesday is not yet a thought. Tonight our friend Liz is throwing C a one-on-one baby shower and my heart is warmed just at the thought of that. The nursery, thanks to our generous and awesome family, is looking like a livable situation. Oh, and my latest kale seeds have started to germinate and some were poking through the potting soil this morning!

I keep thinking of great, small things that are adding up in my life that are making me happy.

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